New Nuneaton Magistrate Honoured

                 Nuneaton Honoured with New Magistrate 

When Reginald first made his roots in the town, he wouldn't have dream't of such an honour being bestowed on him. Having given so much to the town over the last 25 years, his action were noticed by the Lord Lieutenant and he was honoured with the title Justice of the Peace. His religious background and Liberal views, along with his unobtrusive personality made him a perfect man for the position. The job was unpaid and dealt with local issues from petty crimes and administrative applications of the 'common law'. Also conducting arraignments in all criminal cases within the County. Although you needed no previous legal knowledge, I'm sure the fact that Reginald had dealt with outlaws in America and he was very keen on keeping the peace in Helena, this job had his name written all over it. The 'Nuneaton Observer' gave a couple of column's in the paper to celebrate this great achievement. 

23rd June 1893 - Reginald Stanley J.P