Stanley's Sidekick's

On his return from America, Reginald came back with a massive belief in himself. He had coped with the threat of Indians, helping a town become free from outlaws and earning money from hard work and perseverance in the valleys of Montana. 

Nuneaton was the lucky town to benefit from his kindness, partly due to his brother Jacob and Brother in law Benjamin Broadbent, who had bought a brickyard in Stockingford. He employed some very talented people to run the brickyards, collieries and engineering firms, along with servants who were loyal to him and his home. He spotted people who where willing to work hard. He gave them a chance for showing allegiance to him. 

Click on the names above to see how they help in Reginald over the years, where they came from and how they helped shape Nuneaton or Montana. Some of those names crop up in other stories so hopefully you can put a face to a name.