Christmas Dinner At Stanley Bros

Christmas for the workers of Stanley Bros was without a doubt a time to eat and be merry. In one of the shed at the brickyard they decorated it with evergreens and lit it with lamps. About 350 sat down to enjoy the liberal supply of good things. Once dinner had finished Mr Stanley took the chair and proposed the health of Queen Victoria. He mentioned that as its Christmas week, the meal was a time for both management and workers to sit and review the past and look to the future, remarking that human life is like a book and they would soon be turning over a clean page, with the New Year. There was much written on the page of the past, which they would gladly erase, but it was impossible, they were simply masters of the present and the future. While many around are short of work Stanley Bros have been able to supply regular work. 

The firm wasn't standing still, they had recently expanded in a new direction, the purchase of Nuneaton Colliery had taken place. It was said that the Colliery hadn't paid up to the present time, but the firm trusted that with hearty co-operation of the local men, this would be a success. if it had closed, the branch railway from Coventry wouldn't have been built and the neighbourhood would be in dire straits.

Mr Stanley also addressed the men about the issue of pay in the winter. Wages were always lower in the darker months of the year. The firm said the cost of manufacturing was always more, but the pay was less than summer. With investment of lights in the workplace by Messrs Stanley, this should alleviate the problem during the dark cold winter months.

Mr Jacob Stanley also had a few words, backing what his brother had said and that they had a workforce they could trust. He then passed over to Mr Beck, and Mr Briggs the works foremen. They welcomed the extra 114 new men present from last years gathering and the remainder of the time was spent with everyone socialising and enjoying the down time.  

A happy workforce is a productive workforce dont you think. Reginald and Co liked to look after his workers by the sounds of things, and where making every effort to keep them that way, but im sure should they step out of line they were also reprimanded.

A Happy Christmas from